HANINGTON OYSTERS naturally grow in the coastal waters of Prince Edward Island, Canada. They are premium wild Malpeque oysters and are native to the region. Malpeque oysters have been eaten by local inhabitants for thousands of years. Wild oysters are a unique and rare delicacy as only five percent of oysters produced in the world are wild-caught.




HANINGTON OYSTERS are known for their superior taste, a perfect balance between saltiness and sweetness. They start with a wave of clean briny liquor followed by a pleasing sweetness and ending with a pleasant sweet finish. The juicy meat and silky texture are combined with a crisp biting experience. Each shell is uniquely shaped by the ocean current. They are white and covered by shades of green, brown and grey.




For over two centuries, Malpeque oysters have been hand harvested, a tradition that continues to this day. They are harvested by a small group of dedicated fishermen using long-handled oyster tongs from small fishing boats. Hand tonging has a low impact on the environment and ensures the long-term sustainability of the fishery. 




Since 1868, the Government of Canada has been regulating the wild oyster fishery in order to maintain sustainability. Fishing oysters is strictly governed with respect to size, fishing method and location. The fishery requires a specific fishing licence which is limited, expensive and difficult to obtain. On Prince Edward Island, hand tonging is the only legal method to harvest wild Malpeque oysters.